Swinging Arm Bracket Wall & Bench Version

Swinging Arm Brackets
The Swinging arm for the compressed air feed allows the pneumatic tools to be supported and fed on a semi circular working surface.
it consists of a horizontal bar fixed on a hollow pin revolving on safe lubricating bearings, with gaskets for the compressed air seal.

The pin is supported by two brackets attached to the wall with expansion dowels.

For extra movement along the length of the swinging Arm Bracket an Air Track Supply system cam be fitted.

Swinging Arm Bracket Wall Version

Swinging arm to be fixed to the wall, compleate with fixing dowels. 3/8″ outlet and glider pad for tool balancerattachment. Length 2, MTR.
Maximum Bearable weight : 20Kg.

Swinging Arm Brackets Bench Version

The Swinging Arm to be fixed to the bench, compleate with fixing screws, 3/8″ outlet plate and glider pad for tool attachment.